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Our History

In 1934, the "Tiny Buck of the Month Club" was formed to raise funds from Stanford alumni and friends to pay the tuition costs for “capable, worthy, and needy student-athletes.” As the Club's name implied, membership dues were one dollar per month. The word "tiny" was added to emphasize the modest amount and to honor head football coach, Claude "Tiny" Thornhill. The Club later shortened its name to the "Stanford Buck Club" and revised its initial membership dues requirement to gifts of any size. With the advent of Title IX, the Cardinal Club was formed in 1977-78 to raise scholarship funds for women. Under the guidance of the Stanford Buck and Cardinal Clubs’ leadership, a merged Buck/Cardinal Club was formed in 1987 to raise funds for both men's and women's athletic scholarships.

Our Mission

The Buck/Cardinal Club provides scholarship and program support to all varsity sports programs at Leland Stanford Junior University. Program support includes, but is not limited to, providing funds for summer school tuition, recruiting, travel, housing, and training table meals, or other such support as determined by the Athletic Director.

Buck/Cardinal Club • Stanford University • Department of Athletics
641 E. Campus Drive • Stanford, CA 94305-6150

Heather Owen

Senior Associate Athletics Director • Development
Email | 650.723.3075

Adam Schneberger

Assistant Athletics Director • Development
Email | 650.723.1008

Kellie Nunokawa

Assistant Athletics Director • Engagement
Email | 650.724.9579

Britt Merchant

Assistant Director • Development
Email | 650.497.9584

Kimberly Eber

Associate Director • Development
Email | 650.736.8389

Mike Theoharis

Associate Director • Development
Email | 650.736.0522

Marie Concepcion Herbert

Administrative Associate
Email | 650.736.7091

Matt Wittig

Associate Director • Development
Email | 650.723.5051

Eric Smith

Assistant Director • Development
Email | 650.736.6907

Lindsay Barr

Stewardship Data Analyst
Email | 650.725.7357

Ann Enthoven

Stewardship Officer
Email | 650.736.1543

Meagan Gallagher

Development Associate
Email | 650.721.2410

Ivana Colendich

Stewardship Officer
Email | 650.721.6388

Christa McLoy

Assistant Director of Donor Relations
Email | 650.723.0885


Payable to Stanford University (be sure to note your gift is for the Buck/Cardinal Club).

Checks may be mailed or hand-delivered to the following address:

Buck/Cardinal Club
Stanford University
Department of Athletics
641 E. Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-6150
Credit Card

Credit card gifts (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) may be made over the phone by contacting a member of the athletic development staff at (650) 721-2410 or online by clicking here. Recurring credit card gifts can be made in any amount and on whatever schedule is convenient for you. More information about recurring credit card gifts can be found here.

Electronic Fund Transfers

Stanford University is able to accept gifts to Stanford Athletics via electronic fund transfer payments. To download an electronic fund transfer form, please visit the Giving to Stanford website.


To make a gift of securities please contact the Stanford Management Company at (650) 721-1917. You may also initiate your gift by clicking here. Please be sure to direct your gift to the Buck/Cardinal Club.

Reunion Giving

Gifts to Stanford Athletics, including Buck/Cardinal Club gifts, count toward undergraduate reunion class giving totals, whether they are one-time gifts or a multi-year pledge. For more information about how to make a reunion gift to benefit Stanford Athletics, please contact a member of the athletic development staff at (650) 721-2410.


Stanford Athletics accepts pledges for both annual (Buck/Cardinal Club) and major gifts. For more information about making a pledge to Stanford Athletics, please contact a member of the athletic development staff by calling (650) 721-2410.

Planned Giving

If you would like to include Stanford Athletics in your estate plans, please contact Adam Schneberger at 650.723.1008. Click here for more information.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations will match the contributions their employees make to charitable organizations. Matching gifts are a great way to increase your support of Stanford Athletics, but do not count toward your Buck/Cardinal Club benefits. Please be sure to let us know if your company has a matching gift program.

Foundations and Donor Advised Funds

Gifts to Stanford Athletics generally may be made from private foundations and donor advised funds. However, we suggest that you consult with your tax advisor regarding gifts from private foundations and donor advised funds that qualify the donor to purchase priority seating for any Stanford Athletics event. Federal tax rules governing private foundations and donor advised funds may prohibit and/or deny deductions for gifts that actually benefit the donor or certain related parties.

Stanford University's dedication to excellence in academics and athletics is unparalleled. The commitment to this pursuit includes adherence to all NCAA, Pac-12, and Stanford rules governing intercollegiate athletics by Stanford coaches, staff, student-athletes, and fans.

To allow Stanford to seek the highest standard of ethical conduct at all times, please contact the Stanford Athletics development office or the Stanford Athletics compliance services office before providing any type of gift, service, or benefit to Stanford student-athletes or Stanford recruits. This will help us ensure NCAA regulations are properly followed. We are proud to have your loyal support, dedication, and enthusiasm for Stanford Athletics.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the Compliance Website.

If you have questions, please contact Lorne Robertson, Associate Athletics Director at 650.723.6150 or lorne@stanford.edu.

How will a gift to the Buck/Cardinal Club help me stay in contact with my favorite sport(s)?

Donors to the Buck/Cardinal Club can provide their sport preferences at the time of their donation. Each of the varsity programs will then communicate with the Buck/Cardinal donors interested in their sport via e-mail, events, newsletters, and/or other special communications.

How will my Buck/Cardinal Club gift financially benefit the sport(s) I support?

The money raised by the Buck/Cardinal Club will provide scholarship aid and program support to all varsity sports programs. Program support includes, but is not limited to, providing funds for summer school tuition, recruiting, travel, pre-registration housing, and training table team meals.

Can I still give to my favorite sport(s)?

Gifts can be made to an individual sport, and like Buck/Cardinal Club donations, will be applied to the budget of that sport in the year of the donation. Gifts to individual sports will not qualify for Buck/Cardinal Club benefits or seating priority. Individual sports programs also have the opportunity to generate revenue from events including, but not limited to, golf tournaments, clinics, and auctions.

Does my annual Buck/Cardinal Club gift qualify for benefits?

Yes, donors will receive benefits in the year after the gift (a donation made between September 1 and August 31 will receive the appropriate benefits beginning in September of the new athletic fiscal year). Only gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club (or gifts of $25,000 or more to any other area of Stanford Athletics) will qualify for benefits.

Does a Buck/Cardinal Club football and men's basketball priority seating gift qualify the donor(s) for benefits?

Yes, football and men's basketball priority seating donors will qualify for benefits at the full amount of the gift. Gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club that qualify a donor to purchase priority seating in Stanford Stadium or Maples Pavilion should not be made through a private foundation, donor advised fund or an IRA.

Can my gift to the Buck/Cardinal Club count toward my undergraduate reunion class gift?

Yes, gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club count toward your undergraduate reunion class giving total. Reunion gifts can be made as either a one-time gift or a five-year pledge.

Will annual giving to Buck/Cardinal Club impact seat locations in Stanford Stadium, Maples Pavilion, and post-season bowls and championships?

Requests will be fulfilled based on the season ticket members' engagement with Stanford Athletics and Stanford University as measured by the following criteria:

• Years of season ticket purchase for all season-ticketed sports
• Stanford alumnus
• Former Stanford student-athlete
• Volunteer service on an athletic department or university board
• Lifetime gifts to the athletic department
• Annual gifts to Buck/Cardinal Club
• Athletic bequest intention