In the Gym: Eve Micco

Strawberries, Eminem, Greece and Jane Goodall

In the Gym: Eve Micco
Jeff Bartee

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Q: Favorite walk-out song?
A: Lose Yourself by Eminem.

Q: Favorite food?
A: Strawberries.

Q: Favorite book?
A: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: Lilo and Stich.

Q: If someone wanted to give you a BIG gift certificate, what store would you want it to be?
A: Lululemon.

Q: Fun fact?
A: I have a tortoise.

Q: Favorite place to travel?
A: Greece.

Q: Best skill in gymnastics?
A: Jaeger somersault on the uneven bars.

Q: Favorite place on campus?
A: Palm Drive.

Q: Best advice you have received?
A: To always be myself.

Q: Name someone (living) you would want to switch places with for a day?
A: Jane Goodall. She has the opportunity to work so closely with animals and I think that would be an amazing experience.

Q: Favorite Stanford memory?
A: My official visit. 

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