About Us



Inspire champions athletically and in life through educational empowerment and fueling.

To provide evidence based performance nutrition expertise to Stanford University varsity athletes as part of a collaborative support team to enhance sports performance by improving nutrient intake, decreasing risk of injury, and optimizing health and recovery.

What We Do:

Nutrition plays an essential role in muscle development and body composition, maximizing energy levels, and preparing for training and competition. Our team of Sports Dietitians provide evidence based nutrition education, counseling, quality food provision, and point of care coaching to empower proper fueling and support student-athlete and team performance goals. Our department also provides education on supplement safety and appropriate usage to maximize performance and recovery. We provide resources for coaches and work interdepartmentally to support student-athletes during training and competitions. Additional areas we focus on include:

  • Peri-workout fueling and recovery
  • Performance menu collaboration with our Athlete Dining Hall
  • Individualized nutrition counseling and coaching
  • Team travel support
Meet The Team


We work with coaches, operations directors, and support staff to support team goals and provide science based recommendations to aid performance and navigate dietary needs. 


We have access to Bod Pod to assess lean mass changes over time. This tracking provides feedback for focusing training and fueling plans to meet performance goals.  


Our Sports Nutrition team members are each NCAA designated supplement advisors who can help mitigate risk and navigate scientific recommendations and NCAA guidelines when considering additions of vitamins, minerals, or ergogenic aids to the diet. 


Student-athlete groups can be guided through campus eateries or nearby stores by Sports Nutrition staff to learn to build performance plates, navigate food allergies and preferences, or learn cost-effective shopping methods, all while keeping performance goals in mind. 


Our grab-and-go style fueling opportunities are designed to provide recovery snacks for student-athletes between training and classes. Our Fueling Stations provide point-of-service sports nutrition education and an array of pre, during, and post training food and supplement options to support health and performance goals. 


Here are a few reasons student-athletes might reach out or be referred to meet with us:


Sports Nutrition Suite 001

Arrilaga Family Sports Center
641 Galvez St.
Stanford, CA 94305-3082