Season Ticket Member Benefits

Enjoy Stanford Season Ticket Membership Benefits

Unlock exclusive perks while supporting your favorite Stanford Athletics programs! Supporting Stanford Athletics as a Season Ticket Member (STM) goes beyond filling the stands; it fuels the spirit of athletic excellence and community here on The Farm. As a token of our gratitude for your commitment and support, we're pleased to offer you a variety of benefits included with your membership. Explore our list of ever-expanding perks below and get the most out of your season ticket membership.

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STM-Exclusive Events

With your membership, gain access to exclusive events that offer unique opportunities to interact with the Cardinal. From behind-the-scenes access to events like open practices and pregame Chalk Talks with our coaches to sharing a meal and conversation with student-athletes, these one-of-a-kind events offer STMs the chance to connect with the Cardinal like no other fan.

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Complimentary Insider Invites

Share your love of the Cardinal and bring your friends and family to The Farm by using your “Insider Invites” to secure complimentary tickets in addition to your season tickets. STMs can also access “Insider Invites” for other select ticketed sports throughout the year.

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Access to Postseason Tickets

STMs can opt in to secure access to all home postseason games for their respective sport in the event Stanford is selected as a host institution.

Financial Perks

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Preferred Pricing for Tickets

Season and Single Game Ticket Discounts: Enjoy savings on season tickets and on single game tickets for all sports regular season home events on The Farm.

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Passport Program

Enjoy discounts at restaurants, local and national merchants, theme parks, concerts, hotels, and more with the Passport Program. Log into the Passport Program website to check out the offers.

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Cardinal Kids Club

Join the Cardinal Kids Club at a 50% discount for 2023-24. Cardinal Kids Club members enjoy free entry to select events, access to special activities, and a welcome kit.

Ticket Management & Support

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Account Management Functions

Manage your tickets online with functions including ticket transfer, seat upgrades, and resale on StubHub.

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Dedicated Ticketing Contact

Receive personalized assistance from a dedicated Stanford Athletics ticketing contact.

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