Our Mission

  • The Compliance Services Office is designed to ensure that Stanford’s intercollegiate athletics programs are operated within the rules and regulations of Stanford University, the Pac-12 Conference, and the NCAA. Our office is a resource – in establishing an atmosphere of education and responsibility, we equip Stanford student-athletes with the information and tools they need in order to achieve our goal of preserving the integrity of the University. The Compliance Services Office is prepared to assist you with your questions and concerns regarding the NCAA rules or any other relevant matter.


  • Stanford University strives to prioritize winning the right way and following NCAA and Pac-12 rules. Unfortunately, oversights and mistakes can still occur. The Compliance Services Office must ensure that all potential violations are investigated and addressed appropriately and in a timely manner. If you are aware of a possible violation of NCAA or Pac-12 rules, please report the issue in question to our office in a timely manner. Violations of NCAA rules may be accompanied by serious penalties, so as always, please remember to Ask Before You Act!

Compliance Focus Areas


  • Rules education utilizing a variety of methods (in-person meetings, social media, educational materials, etc.).
  • Provide updated information on new rules and current violations.
  • Maintain a high level of access to the Compliance Services staff.

Policies & Procedures

  • Clearly outline and communicate roles and responsibilities.
  • Utilize ARMS to improve and streamline forms and procedures.


  • Review and monitor athletics program activities.
  • Investigate in a thorough and timely manner all allegations regarding rules violations.
  • Ensure corrective actions are implemented.
  • If you are aware of potential violation or generally have a question or concern, please email


ARMS Software

  • Stanford Athletics utilizes ARMS software to consolidate student-athlete data, team schedules, completion of departmental processes, academics, financial information, and all other student-athlete data collection and information processes in one place. Student-athletes will use ARMS to complete most compliance-related tasks and forms, including but not limited to:
    • Beginning-of-Year Compliance Packet
    • Calendars, Schedules, and Time Management Plan approvals
    • Complimentary Ticket Requests
    • Notification of Transfer
    • Outside Competition/Participation
    • Student Assistance Fund (SAF) Requests
    • Student-Athlete Employment


  • All DAPER staff members are prohibited from placing a tangible bet or wager on any sport that sponsors a NCAA Championship, at any level (amateur, collegiate, professional, etc.) of that sport. A bet or wager extends to anything with a tangible value, including but not limited to cash, merchandise, apparel, beverages, and food.
    • NCAA Wager Definition = Entry Fee + Prize
  • The types of wagering activities prohibited include, but are not limited to:
    • Fantasy Leagues that include entry fees and prizes
    • Betting “pools,” including March Madness, Super Bowl, office pools or pools organized by family, friends, neighbors, etc., for cash or other prizes.
  • Exception: DAPER staff members may participate in fantasy league or betting pools that do not require an entry fee to participate (i.e., ESPN bracket challenge).
  • An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a booster or fan to provide a student-athlete (or a prospect) or the student-athlete’s (or prospect’s) relative or friend a benefit not expressly authorized by the NCAA legislation, typically a benefit not generally available to other Stanford students.
  • Examples include, but are not limited to: money, gifts, credit cards, loans, tickets, merchandise, free/reduced housing, free transportation or use of a vehicle, special access to events, etc.
  • Receipt of a prohibited extra benefit may render a student-athlete ineligible to compete. Therefore, please notify the Compliance Services Office prior to any student-athlete receiving a potential extra benefit.

Only authorized Stanford coaches are permitted to engage in off-campus recruiting activities. Staff members may not contact prospective student-athletes in an effort to persuade them to attend Stanford, including by e-mail, telephone, or face-to-face contact. There are some exceptions for on-campus recruiting activities, but please notify the Compliance Services Office in advance.

  • Stanford is committed to compliance with both NCAA and Pac-12 regulations. Every coach, volunteer, and/or athletics department staff member has a shared responsibility for upholding the control, conduct and integrity of Stanford University’s intercollegiate athletics program. Each staff member or volunteer is responsible for maintaining competency in current knowledge of NCAA, conference, and Stanford rules and policies.
  • The Compliance Services Office has developed procedures for processing violations of Pac-12 and NCAA rules. The process for investigating a violation depends on the nature and projected seriousness of the violation upon initial discovery. At any point during the investigation process, should the potential violation change in scope of seriousness, the process will alter to the appropriate violation level process.
  • Every DAPER coach, staff member and/or volunteer is expected to report any violations, or potential violations, of NCAA, conference, or Stanford University rules of which they are aware to the Compliance Services Office. Please e-mail if you have any information to report.