Women's Rowing

Battle at Big Row

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. - No. 2 Stanford defeated its rival, No. 3 California, in four out of six races at Saturday's Big Row. 

Stanford's first and second varsity four boats and its second and third varsity eight boats all captured wins in their respective races. 

The Cardinal's varsity eight came close to the team's fifth win, finishing just five seconds behind the Golden Bears' boat in the last race of the day. 

Stanford will take the next two weeks off from racing to prepare for the Pac-12 Championship which takes place on May 19th at Gold River, California. 
  BIg Row Race Results
May 4    

Novice Eight California (7:02.46)Stanford Lightweight (7:44.05)
Third Varsity EightStanford (6:42.70)California (6:53.70)
Second Varsity FourStanford (7:32.50)California (7:54.60)
Varsity FourStanford (7:06.60)California (7:08.80)
Second Varsity EightStanford (6:30.90)California (6:24.10)
Varsity EightCalifornia (6:09.30)Stanford (6:14.30)


Varsity Eight
Caroline Ricksen (Coxswain), Kelsey McGinley (8), Stephanie Grauer (7), Kaitlyn Kynast (6), Elizabeth Sharis (5), Meg Saunders (4), Emily Delleman (3), Margaret Seaton (2), Chase Shepley (Bow)
Second Varsity Eight
Tassica Lim (Coxswain), Rena White (8), Anja Zehfuss (7), Maria Kent (6), Grace McGinley (5), Azja Czajkowski (4), Tassica Lim (3), Kate Littlejohn (2), Sophie Dixon (Bow)

Second Varsity Four 
Britney Ky (Coxswain), Amy Wentzel (4), Jade Thornton (3), Nicki Schindler (2), Grace Cotter (Bow) 

Varsity Four
Nicole Pofcher (Coxswain), India Robinson (4), Miranda Nykolyn (3), Esther Briz Zamorano (2), Anika Christofferson (Bow)

Third Varsity Eight
Grace Kelly (Coxswain), Erin Barry (8), Mariko Kelly (7), Isabella Garcia-Camargo (6), Sarah Ondak (5), Eva Nates (4), Sarah Commesso (3), Sophia Boyd-Fliegel (2), Megan Cvitanovic (Bow)