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Meet the Freshmen

With the 2021 season starting this week, will be offering a glimpse into the lives behind the Stanford baseball team. Today we feature a Q&A with members of our freshman class - Drew Bowser (Los Angeles, Calif. / Harvard-Westlake), Ryan Bruno (Wellington, Fla. / American Heritage School), Joey Dixon (South Jordan, Utah / Bingham), Drew Dowd (Belmont, Calif. / Junipero Serra), Carter Graham (Calabasas, Calif. / Chaminade College Prep), Tommy O'Rourke (Morristown, N.J. / Seton Hall Prep), Brandt Pancer (Suwanee, Ga. / North Gwinett), Eddie Park (San Jose, Calif. / Valley Christian), Alberto Rios (Bellflower, Calif. / St. John Bosco) and Tommy Troy (Los Gatos, Calif. / Los Gatos).

Q: How did you get into baseball?
Drew Bowser: I played on a t-ball team with my friends from kindergarten and I fell in love with it.
Ryan Bruno: My dad wanted me to play. We skipped tee-ball.
Joey Dixon: My dad and brother both played baseball, I followed after them.
Drew Dowd: Grew up around baseball and sports with a sports family. Started playing baseball when I was four.
Carter Graham: I got into it at a young age through my parents and grandpa. My grandpa was a huge Yankee fan and his love for that team rubbed off on me and I just began to play the game. Also, I played a ton of sports, but wanted to play football. After asking to play, my dad decided he would never let me play because of his injury when he played. So I just stuck with baseball.
Tommy O'Rourke: I enjoyed playing from a young age.
Brandt Pancer: I always loved watching and being around the game. Most of my good friends from my childhood played, so I played along with them.
Eddie Park: Back when I was eight years old, my childhood friend signed up for it just because, and my mom signed me up as well to play together.
Alberto Rios: I got into baseball mainly through my family's history in the sport. Ever since, I've fallen in love with it.
Q: Who is your role model?
Drew Bowser: My mom and dad. They push through all adversity and provide love and so much more for me and my brother.
Ryan Bruno: My role model are my parents. They have always had my best interest and helped me understand what it is to be a good person over everything else.
Joey Dixon: My Dad. Hardest worker I know and has created his success.
Drew Dowd: Derek Jeter because of his unwavering consistency and leadership through example. Also his quiet but determined demeanor and his consistent ability to win and be competitive.
Carter Graham: My role model is my grandpa. He has always seen things for the way they are. He doesn't worry about pleasing anyone else and he never changed for anyone.
Tommy O'Rourke: Derek Jeter because of his leadership qualities.
Brandt Pancer: My grandpa. He was a beaming image of who I aspire to be when I grow up and was always like my second dad to me.
Eddie Park: My dad. I strive to have a work ethic and relentless effort like he has.
Alberto Rios: I'd say my cousin Frankie is my role model since both he and I play baseball. After seeing all his accomplishments in the game of baseball, it just pushed me more and more to become a better player and person.
Tommy Troy: My role model is my father because of how self made he is and how he always keeps such a good attitude.
Q: If you could switch places with any person for a day, who would you switch with?
Drew Bowser: Fernando Tatis Jr
Ryan Bruno: No one
Joey Dixon: Michael Jordan
Drew Dowd: Justin Verlander
Carter Graham: LeBron James
Brandt Pancer: Clayton Kersaw
Eddie Park: I would switch with Elon Musk to see what his day-to-day life looks like. He is an interesting man.
Alberto Rios: Elon Musk
Tommy Troy: A rich person in Dubai with a ton of nice cars (since I'm a car enthusiast).

Q: What is your favorite way to spend a day off?
Drew Bowser: Making beats.
Ryan Bruno: Going fishing.
Joey Dixon: Either with the boys or golfing.
Drew Dowd: Hanging with friends, going to the beach, biking around.
Carter Graham: Playing pickup basketball, or surfing.
Tommy O'Rourke: An early morning workout and then a day spent at the beach with friends.
Brandt Pancer: Love to play golf and go out on the lake/water
Eddie Park: Spending time with family or friends.
Alberto Rios: I'd say sleeping in and eating poke bowls with the guys.
Tommy Troy: Spending time with my family (go on walks, hangout downtown).
Q: What Sport would you want to play at Stanford, other than baseball?
Drew Bowser: Basketball
Ryan Bruno: Maybe soccer
Joey Dixon: Basketball
Drew Dowd: Tennis
Carter Graham: Basketball
Tommy O'Rourke: Football
Brandt Pancer: Football
Eddie Park: Basketball because that was what I played growing up.
Alberto Rios: Definitely golf
Tommy Troy: I would love to play for Stanford football.

Q: What is something you are passionate about other than your sport?
Drew Bowser: Music production.
Ryan Bruno: Cooking and economics
Joey Dixon: My family, especially my nieces and nephews.
Drew Dowd: Family and Friends.
Carter Graham: Stocks
Tommy O'Rourke: Exercise physiology
Brandt Pancer: My education. Education has always been super important to me and my family.
Eddie Park: Videography. In high school I enjoyed making videos of day trips to the beach or the city.
Alberto Rios: I'm very passionate about my family and getting to spend as much time with them as possible.
Tommy Troy: Making music.