Karen Ambrose Hickey/Stanford Athletics

Meet the Sophomores

With the 2021 season underway, will be offering a glimpse into the lives behind the Stanford baseball team. Today we feature a Q&A with members of our sophomore class - Brett Barrera (Huntington Beach, Calif. / Huntington Beach), Owen Cobb (Seattle, Wash. / Seattle Academy), Adam Crampton (Oakland, Calif. / Oakland Tech), Nathan Fleischli (Atherton, Calif. / Sacred Heart Prep), Henry Gargus (Yakima, Wash. / Davis), Cole Hinkelman (Sammamish, Wash. / Skyline), Kody Huff (Scottsdale, Ariz. / Horizon), Brock Jones (Fresno, Calif. / Buchanan), Quinn Mathews (Aliso Viejo, Calif. / Aliso Niguel), Max Meier (Belmont, Mass. / Lawrence Academy) and Matt Swartz (Huntington Beach, Calif. / Edison).

Q: How did you get into baseball?
Brett Barrera: I played little league along with basketball and soccer when I was three.
Owen Cobb: I got into baseball watching Ichiro Suzuki play for the Mariners.
Adam Crampton: I've played ever since I was little. I got a wiffle ball bat and a tee for my birthday when I was three or four, and the rest is history.
Nathan Fleischli: I played baseball growing up, and never left the game.
Henry Gargus: My dad got me into sports at a young age.
Cole Hinkelman: I've played baseball ever since I was a little kid, probably four or five years old.
Kody Huff: I started playing t-ball in my neighborhood, and have played ever since!
Brock Jones: I grew up loving sports so I wanted to try them all!
Quinn Mathews: I just started playing little league at five I think.
Max Meier: Started playing tee ball when I was four or five years old.
Matt Swartz: I've been playing baseball for as long as I can remember. Growing up it was always my favorite sport.
Q: Who is your role model?
Brett Barrera: LeBron James because he is a great athlete, teammate, social justice leader, and father.
Owen Cobb: My role models are my parents who have shown me how to work hard and have taught me important values.
Adam Crampton: I look up to my cousin, Taro, who is a professional tennis player. Growing up I've witnessed his journey up the ranks in the tennis circuit and have been there for all of his ups and downs, and I admire how he has persevered to get to where he is now.
Nathan Fleischli: My parents because they are the hardest working people I know.
Henry Gargus: My dad is my role model. He is the most selfless, respectful, and giving person I have ever known.
Cole Hinkelman: My role model is my dad because he's taught me so much including the importance of hard work.
Kody Huff: My parents because of their work ethic.
Brock Jones: My dad because he is a very successful businessman/entrepreneur that always puts others before himself.
Quinn Mathews: My sister because she is the reason I am who I am.
Max Meier: Both of my parents for how much they have done for me over the years.
Matt Swartz: Both of my parents are huge role models for me. They have taught me countless life lessons and have supported both my sister and I as we pursue our goals in life.
Q: If you could switch places with any person for a day, who would you switch with?
Brett Barrera: Will Ferrell.
Owen Cobb: I would switch places with Russell Wilson. I am a huge Seahawks fan and being Russell for a day would be a lot of fun.
Adam Crampton: Ryan Reynolds. Why? Blake Lively.
Nathan Fleischli: Tiger Woods.
Henry Gargus: I would switch places with Dave Portnoy for a day so I could rate pizzas.
Cole Hinkelman: I would switch with Brock Jones to be able to show off tattoos that I would have.
Kody Huff: I would switch places with Drake.
Brock Jones: Odell Beckham Jr.
Quinn Mathews: Warren Buffet.
Matt Swartz: I'd love to see what a day in Elon Musk's life is like!

Q: What is your favorite way to spend a day off?
Brett Barrera: Hanging with teammates, playing video games or watching comedy such as Rick and Morty or Key and Peele.
Owen Cobb: Away from the field and classroom I watch professional sports and play pickup games with friends.
Adam Crampton: Ideally, with a bunch of friends, at the beach, blasting music.
Nathan Fleischli: Playing Stanford golf course.
Henry Gargus: I like to either lay in bed and play video games, watch a good movie, or go to the beach with friends.
Cole Hinkelman: Hanging out with guys on the team or doing anything outside.
Kody Huff: Either golfing or fishing.
Brock Jones: Thrift shopping.
Quinn Mathews: Asleep and listening to music.
Max Meier: Relaxing with my friends and playing Madden.
Matt Swartz: I love spending time outdoors! It could be anything from going on a hike to a trip to the beach.
Q: What sport would you want to play at Stanford, other than baseball?
Brett Barrera: BASKETBALL for sure.
Owen Cobb: I played soccer though my senior year of high school, so Stanford soccer would be my choice other than baseball.
Adam Crampton: Soccer.
Nathan Fleischli: Golf.
Henry Gargus: I would love to play basketball at Stanford.
Cole Hinkelman: Basketball.
Kody Huff: Golf.
Brock Jones: Football!
Quinn Mathews: Soccer.
Max Meier: Football.
Matt Swartz: Football for sure. I played in high school, so if I had to choose another sport it would definitely be football.

Q: What is something you are passionate about other than your sport?
Brett Barrera: Music, basketball, mental health.
Owen Cobb: Outside of baseball, I am a Seattle sports fan and three point specialist on the basketball court.
Adam Crampton: Fantasy Football. The Earth. Social Justice.
Nathan Fleischli: Netflix.
Henry Gargus: I am passionate about other hobbies such as golf, video games, ping pong, board games etc.
Cole Hinkelman: Hiking, card games, and spending time with family.
Kody Huff: Star Wars and music.
Brock Jones: Fashion & cars.
Quinn Mathews: Bad drivers.
Max Meier: Animals.
Matt Swartz: I love to go to the beach. Growing up on the coast it has always been a special place to me.

Q: If you had to make a meal for your team, what would you cook?
Brett Barrera: Spaghetti.
Owen Cobb: I would prepare a lunch menu that includes yogurt-blueberry parfaits, PB&J sandwiches, grilled chicken, and salad.
Adam Crampton: Only breakfast foods. Omelettes, french toast, pancakes, breakfast burritos, smoothies.
Nathan Fleischli: Burgers.
Henry Gargus: I would make scrambled eggs with bacon, maple sausage, bagels, and crepes.
Cole Hinkelman: I would make breakfast. Some breakfast eggs and potatoes are my specialty.
Kody Huff: Clam chowder and swordfish.
Brock Jones: I love breakfast so I'd have to go with breakfast burritos!
Quinn Mathews: Grilled cheese.
Max Meier: Buffalo wings.