Women's Lightweight Rowing

Pregame Playlist: Brooke Legenzowski

Every athlete has a go-to playlist that they listen to before they take the field, step on the court, or dive into the pool. In Pregame Playlist we bring Stanford student-athletes' playlists to you! Hear from Freshman Brooke Legenzowski of Lightweight Rowing, who shares her pregame playlist in advance of the IRA Championships this weekend. What's your favorite song on this playlist and why?

Brook Legenzowski: "My favorite song on this playlist is "On Time" because of the way the song builds in intensity. John Legend's angelic voice at the beginning calms my nerves, but then the song turns quire villainous which gets me ready to intimidate my competitors"

GS: Who are your favorite artists these days?

BL: "My favorite artists these days include Zach Bryan, Noah Kahan, Fred again.., and John Summit."

GS: What about this playlist gets you ready for competition? 

BL: "These are songs that I typically only listen to on race day, so when I hear them I know its time to lock in and get serious."

GS: How would you describe your music taste in general?

BL: "I would describe my music taste as eclectic because I listen to almost every genre. I like to make playlists based off a point in time and not by the vibes of the songs. So many of my playlists have a wide variety of genres on them"

GS: Does this playlist different from what you listen to normally? If so, how come?

BL: "I would say on a regular day I normally listen to calmer songs, and a lot more country than on a race day. Music has the power to hype me up, so I make sure the songs I listen to before a race are high energy."

GS: Any unique stories behind what these songs meant to you or your team?

BL: "The song Rhyme Dust brings back fond memories of this past summer when my high school team won the Henley Royal Regatta in England. We listened to it every car ride, during our pre-race dance parties, and during warm ups. I associate the song with great memories and hard work that paid off."

GS: Describe your relationship with music, and how/if that relates to your sport.
BL: "I believe that music is a helpful tool in finding more speed. During practice, I perform better when I am listening to music because I'm able to get lost in it. It's not uncommon to see me singing on the erg, and it helps distract me from whatever pain i'm in. On race day, music is able to both ground me, and get me amped up to compete. Outside of rowing, my relationship has grown a lot this last year as I've started to get into DJing. I love music!" 

Check out Brooke's full playlist below.