Olympic Medal History

  • Stanford affiliates have captured 296 overall medals (150 gold, 79 silver, 67 bronze) from 177 medalists.
  • Leading the way among Stanford's 177 medalists are: Jenny Thompson (12), Katie Ledecky (9), John Hencken (6), Janet Evans (5), Simone Manuel (5) and Pablo Morales (5). Totals include medals won as a Stanford affiliate.
  • The record for most medals won in a single Olympics is five by Katie Ledecky (2016), who also captured four medals in 2020. Other Cardinal affiliates who have won four medals in a single Olympics include: Maya DiRado (2016), Simone Manuel (2016), Jenny Thompson (2000), Summer Sanders (1992), Sharon Stouder Clark (1964) and Chris von Saltza Olmstead (1960).
  • Boasting a school-record 57 Olympians with Cardinal ties, Stanford claimed 26 medals to lead all institutions at the 2020 Tokyo Games.
  • The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games resulted in a school-record 27 medals.
  • The Cardinal has produced at least one medalist in every Olympics in which the U.S. has competed since 1912.

2020 •  Tokyo, Japan

Foluke Akinradewo-GundersonUSAWomen's Volleyball--Gold
Valarie AllmanUSAWomen's Track and FieldDiscusGold
Jane CampbellUSAWomen's Soccer--Bronze
Tierna DavidsonUSAWomen's Soccer--Bronze
Aria FischerUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Makenzie FischerUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Brooke FordeUSAWomen's Swimming800m Freestyle RelaySilver
Torri HuskeUSAWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelaySilver
Alix KlinemanUSABeach Volleyball--Gold
Katie LedeckyUSAWomen's Swimming800m FreestyleGold
1500m FreestyleGold
400m FreestyleSilver
800m Freestyle RelaySilver
Catarina MacarioUSAWomen's Soccer--Bronze
Simone ManuelUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayBronze
Alex MassialasUSAMen's FencingTeam FoilBronze
Jamie NeushulUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Kelley O'HaraUSAWomen's Soccer--Bronze
Christen PressUSAWomen's Soccer--Bronze
Taylor RuckCANWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelaySilver
CANWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelayBronze
Melissa SeidemannUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Regan SmithUSAWomen's Swimming200m ButterflySilver
Women's Swimming400m Medley RelaySilver
Women's Swimming100m BackstrokeBronze
Maggie SteffensUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
26 Total Medals, 20 Medalists » Gold (10) •  Silver (7) •  Bronze (9)
Staff: Matt Fuerbringer (USA Men's Volleyball Assistant Coach), Thom Glielmi (USA Men's Gymnastics Head Coach),
Andrew Lorraine (ISR Baseball Assistant Coach), Greg Meehan (USA Women's Swimming Head Coach),
Tabitha Yim (SGP Women's Gymnastics Head Coach) 

2016 •  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Foluke AkinradewoUSAWomen's Volleyball--Bronze
Lucy DavisUSAEquestrianTeam Show JumpingSilver
Maya DiRadoUSAWomen's Swimming200m BackstrokeGold
800m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Individual MedleySilver
200m Individual MedleyBronze
Makenzie FischerUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Katie LedeckyUSAWomen's Swimming200m FreestyleGold
400m FreestyleGold
800m FreestyleGold
800m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Freestyle RelaySilver
Elle LoganUSAWomen's RowingCoxed EightGold
Simone ManuelUSAWomen's Swimming100m FreestyleGold
400m Medley RelayGold
50m FreestyleSilver
400m Freestyle RelaySilver
Alex MassialasUSAMen's FencingFoilSilver
Team FoilBronze
Lia NealUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelaySilver
Kiley NeushulUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Melissa SeidemannUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Erik ShojiUSAMen's Volleyball--Bronze
Kawika ShojiUSAMen's Volleyball--Bronze
Katerina StefanidiGREWomen's Track and FieldPole VaultGold
Maggie SteffensUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Kerri Walsh JenningsUSABeach Volleyball--Bronze
27 Total Medals, 16 Medalists » Gold (14) •  Silver (7) •  Bronze (6)
Staff: Matt Fuerbringer (USA Men's Volleyball Assistant Coach), Greg Meehan (USA Women's Swimming Head Coach) 

2012 •  London, England

Foluke Akinradewo USAWomen's Volleyball  --Silver
Nicole BarnhartUSAWomen's Soccer--Gold
Bob BryanUSAMen's TennisDoublesGold
Mike BryanUSAMen's TennisDoublesGold
Mixed DoublesBronze
Rachel BuehlerUSAWomen's Soccer--Gold
Annika DriesUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Kristian IpsenUSAMen's Diving3-Meter Synchro SpringboardBronze
Elle LoganUSAWomen's RowingCoxed EightGold
Lia NealUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayBronze
Kelley O'HaraUSAWomen's Soccer--Gold
Melissa SeidemannUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Jessica SteffensUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Maggie SteffensUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Logan Tom USAWomen's Volleyball --Silver
Brenda VillaUSAWomen's Water Polo--Gold
Kerri Walsh USABeach Volleyball --Gold
17 Total Medals, 16 Medalists » Gold (12) •  Silver (2) •  Bronze (3)


 2008 •  Beijing, China

Tony AzevedoUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Nicole BarnhartUSAWomen's Soccer--Gold
Layne BeaubienUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Elaine BreedenUSAWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelaySilver
Bob BryanUSAMen's TennisDoublesBronze
Mike BryanUSAMen's TennisDoublesBronze
Rachel BuehlerUSAWomen's Soccer--Gold
John GallUSABaseball--Bronze
Gabe GardnerUSAMen's Volleyball--Gold
Alison GregorkaUSAWomen's Water Polo--Silver
Kevin HansenUSAMen's Volleyball--Gold
Peter HudnutUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Adam KreekCANMen's RowingCoxed EightGold
Lauren LappinUSASoftball--Silver
Elle LoganUSAWomen's RowingCoxed EightGold
Jessica MendozaUSASoftball--Silver
Ogonna NnamaniUSAWomen's Volleyball--Silver
Julia SmitUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelaySilver
800m Freestyle RelayBronze
Jessica SteffensUSAWomen's Water Polo--Silver
Logan TomUSAWomen's Volleyball--Silver
Peter VarellasUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Brenda VillaUSAWomen's Water Polo--Silver
Kerri WalshUSABeach Volleyball--Gold
Ben Wildman-TobrinerUSAMen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
25 Total Medals, 24 Medalists » Gold (8) •  Silver (13) •  Bronze (4)
Staff: John Rittman (USA Softball Assistant Coach)

 2004 •  Athens, Greece

Margie DingeldeinUSAWomen's Water Polo--Bronze
Erin DobratzUSASynchronized SwimmingTeamBronze
Ellen EstesUSAWomen's Water Polo--Bronze
Julie FoudyUSAWomen's Soccer--Gold
Jackie FrankUSAWomen's Water Polo--Bronze
Tara KirkUSAWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelaySilver
Sara LoweUSASynchronized SwimmingTeamBronze
Samantha MageeUSAWomen's RowingCoxed EightsSilver
Jessica MendozaUSASoftball--Gold
Patricia MirandaUSAWrestlingFreestyle Flyweight (48kg)Bronze
Markus RoganAUTMen's Swimming100m BackstrokeSilver
200m BackstrokeSilver
Toby StevensonUSAMen's Track and FieldPole VaultSilver
Jenny ThompsonUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelaySilver
400m Medley RelaySilver
Brenda VillaUSAWomen's Water Polo--Bronze
Kerri WalshUSABeach Volleyball--Gold
17 Total Medals, 15 Medalists » Gold (3) •  Silver (7) •  Bronze (7)
Staff: Richard Quick (USA Women's Swimming Head Coach), John Rittman (USA Softball Assistant Coach)

 2000 •  Sydney, Australia

Amy ChowUSAWomen's GymnasticsTeam All-AroundBronze
Ellen EstesUSAWomen's Water Polo--Silver
Julie FoudyUSAWomen's Soccer--Silver
Chryste GainesUSAWomen's Track and Field4x100m RelayBronze
Misty HymanUSAWomen's Swimming200m ButterflyGold
Jenny ThompsonUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Medley RelayGold
800m Freestyle RelayGold
100m FreestyleBronze (tie)
Brenda VillaUSAWomen's Water Polo--Silver
Tom WilkensUSAMen's Swimming200m Individual MedleyBronze
11 Total Medals, 8 Medalists » Gold (4) •  Silver (3) •  Bronze (4)
Staff: Richard Quick (USA Women's Swimming Head Coach), 
John Tanner (USA Women's Water Polo Assistant Coach)

 1996 •  Atlanta, Georgia

Jennifer AzziUSAWomen's Basketball--Gold
Amy ChowUSAWomen's GymnasticsTeam All-AroundGold
Women's GymnasticsUneven BarsSilver
Julie FoudyUSAWomen's Soccer--Gold
Catherine FoxUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Medley RelayGold
Chryste GainesUSAWomen's Track and Field4x100m RelayGold
Kurt GroteUSAMen's Swimming400m Medley RelayGold
A.J. HinchUSABaseball--Bronze
Joe HudepohlUSAMen's Swimming800m Freestyle RelayGold
Lisa JacobUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
800m Freestyle RelayGold
Jair LynchUSAMen's GymnasticsParallel BarsSilver
Heather OlsonUSASynchronized SwimmingTeamGold
Jeff RouseUSAMen's Swimming100m BackstrokeGold
400m Medley RelayGold
Katy StedingUSAWomen's Basketball--Gold
Kent SteffesUSABeach Volleyball--Gold
Jenny ThompsonUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Medley RelayGold
800m Freestyle RelayGold
21 Total Medals, 15 Medalists » Gold (18) •  Silver (2) •  Bronze (1)
Staff: Skip Kenney (USA Men's Swimming Head Coach), Richard Quick (USA Women's Swimming Head Coach),
Tara VanDerveer (USA Women's Basketball Head Coach)

 1992 •  Barcelona, Spain

Janet EvansUSAWomen's Swimming800m FreestyleGold
400m FreestyleSilver
Scott FortuneUSAMen's Volleyball--Bronze
Joe HudepohlUSAMen's Swimming400m Free Relay Gold
800m Free Relay Bronze
Lea LovelessUSAWomen's Swimming400m Medley Relay Gold
100m BackstrokeBronze
Pablo MoralesUSAMen's Swimming100m ButterflyGold
400m Medley Relay Gold
Kim OdenUSAWomen's Volleyball--Bronze
Jeff RouseUSAMen's Swimming400m Medley Relay Gold
100m BackstrokeSilver
Summer SandersUSAWomen's Swimming200m ButterflyGold
400m Medley Relay Gold
200m Individual MedleySilver
400m Individual MedleyBronze
Jenny ThompsonUSAWomen's Swimming400m Free Relay Gold
400m Medley Relay Gold
100m FreestyleSilver
19 Total Medals, 9 Medalists » Gold (10) •  Silver (4) •  Bronze (5)
Staff: Richard Quick (USA Women's Swimming Head Coach), Fred Sturm (USA Men's Volleyball Head Coach),
John Tanner (USA Men's Water Polo Assistant Coach)

 1988 • Seoul, Korea

James BergesonUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Jody CampbellUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Janet EvansUSAWomen's Swimming400m FreestyleGold
800m FreestyleGold
400m Individual MedleyGold
Scott FortuneUSAMen's Volleyball--Gold
Allison HigsonCANWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelayBronze
Janel JorgensenUSAWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelaySilver
Craig KlassUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Tim MayotteUSAMen's TennisSinglesSilver
Jay MortensonUSAMen's Swimming400m Medley Relay (Prelims)Gold
Anthony MosseNZLMen's Swimming200m ButterflyBronze
Alan MouchawarUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
John PescatoreUSAMen's RowingCoxed EightsBronze
Jon RootUSAMen's Volleyball--Gold
15 Total Medals, 13 Medalists » Gold (6) •  Silver (6) •  Bronze (3)
Staff: Skip Kenney (USA Men's Swimming Assistant Coach),
Mark Marquess (USA Baseball Head Coach - demonstration sport),
Richard Quick (USA Women's Swimming Head Coach)

 1984 • Los Angeles, California

Doug BurkeUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Jody CampbellUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Chris DorstUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Jenna JohnsonUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Medley RelayGold
100m ButterflySilver
Sheryl JohnsonUSAField Hockey--Bronze
Drew McDonaldUSAMen's Water Polo--Silver
Pablo MoralesUSAMen's Swimming400m Medley RelayGold
100m ButterflySilver
200m Individual MedleySilver
Susan RappUSAWomen's Swimming200m BreaststrokeSilver
12 Total Medals, 8 Medalists » Gold (3) •  Silver (8) •  Bronze (1)
Staff: Skip Kenney (USA Men's Swimming Assistant Coach)

1980 • Moscow, Soviet Union (U.S. Boycott)

1976 • Montreal, Canada

Mike BrunerUSAMen's Swimming200m ButterflyGold
800m Freestyle RelayGold
John HenckenUSAMen's Swimming100m BreaststrokeGold
400m Medley RelayGold
200m BreaststrokeSilver
Linda JezekUSAWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelaySilver
Kim PeytonUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
Lynn SillimanUSAWomen's RowingCoxed EightsBronze
8 Total Medals, 5 Medalists » Gold (5) •  Silver (2) •  Bronze (1)

 1972 • Munich, West Germany

John HenckenUSAMen's Swimming100m BreaststrokeBronze
200m BreaststrokeGold
400m Medley RelayGold
Mitch IveyUSAMen's Swimming200m BackstrokeSilver
John ParkerUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Gary SheererUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
6 Total Medals, 4 Medalists » Gold (2) •  Silver (1) •  Bronze (3)

 1968 • Mexico City, Mexico

Greg BuckinghamUSAMen's Swimming200m Individual MedleySilver
John FerrisUSAMen's Swimming200m Individual MedleyBronze
200m ButterflyBronze
Larry HoughUSAMen's RowingCoxless PairsSilver
Mitch IveyUSAMen's Swimming200m BackstrokeSilver
Brian JobUSAMen's Swimming200m BreaststrokeBronze
Bill ToomeyUSAMen's Track and FieldDecathlonGold
7 Total Medals, 6 Medalists » Gold (1) •  Silver (3) •  Bronze (3)

 1964 • Tokyo, Japan

Ed FerryUSAMen's RowingCoxed PairsGold
Dick LyonUSAMen's RowingCoxless FoursBronze
Kent MitchellUSAMen's RowingCoxed PairsGold
Dick RothUSAMen's Swimming400m Individual MedleyGold
Sharon Stouder ClarkUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Medley RelayGold
100m ButterflyGold
100m FreestyleSilver
Dave WeillUSAMen's Track and FieldDiscusBronze
9 Total Medals, 6 Medalists » Gold (6) •  Silver (1) •  Bronze (2)

 1960 • Rome, Italy

Dan AyraultUSAMen's RowingCoxless FoursGold
Anne CribbsUSAWomen's Swimming400m Medley RelayGold
Dick DraegerUSAMen's RowingCoxed PairsBronze
Paul HaitUSAMen's Swimming400m Medley RelayGold
George HarrisonUSAMen's Swimming800m Freestyle RelayGold
Kent MitchellUSAMen's RowingCoxed PairsBronze
Chris von Saltza OlmsteadUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
400m Medley RelayGold
400m FreestyleGold
100m FreestyleSilver
10 Total Medals, 7 Medalists » Gold (7) •  Silver (1) •  Bronze (2)

 1956 • Melbourne, Australia

Dan AyraultUSAMen's RowingCoxed PairsGold
James FiferUSAMen's RowingCoxless PairsGold
Duvall HechtUSAMen's RowingCoxless PairsGold
Kurt SeiffertUSAMen's RowingCoxed PairsGold
Nancy Simon PetersonUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelaySilver
Ron TomsicUSAMen's Basketball--Gold
Jim WalshUSAMen's Basketball--Gold
7 Total Medals, 7 Medalists » Gold (6) •  Silver (1)

 1952 • Helsinki, Finland

Bob MathiasUSAMen's Track and FieldDecathlonGold
1 Total Medal, 1 Medalist » Gold (1)

 1948 • London, England

Brenda Helser de MorelosUSAWomen's Swimming400m Freestyle RelayGold
Bob MathiasUSAMen's Track and FieldDecathlonGold
2 Total Medals, 2 Medalists » Gold (2)

1944 • London, England (World War II)

1940 • Helsinki, Finland (World War II)

1936 • Berlin, Germany

Gordon DunnUSAMen's Track and FieldDiscusSilver
Marjorie Gestring BowmanUSAWomen's DivingSpringboardGold
2 Total Medals, 2 Medalists » Gold (1) •  Silver (1)

 1932 • Los Angeles, California

Frank BoothUSAMen's Swimming800m Freestyle RelaySilver
Austin ClappUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Hec DyerUSAMen's Track and Field4x100m RelayGold
Ben EastmanUSAMen's Track and Field400 MetersSilver
Henry LaBordeUSAMen's Track and FieldDiscusSilver
Harold McCalisterUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Bill MillerUSAMen's Track and FieldPole VaultGold
Wally O'ConnorUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Harlow RothertUSAMen's Track and FieldShot PutSilver
Calver StrongUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Ted WigetUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
11 Total Medals, 11 Medalists » Gold (2) •  Silver (4) •  Bronze (5)

 1928 • Amsterdam, Holland

Austin ClappUSAMen's Swimming800m Freestyle RelayGold
Pete DesjardinsUSAMen's DivingPlatformGold
Bob KingUSAMen's Track and FieldHigh JumpGold
Bud SpencerUSAMen's Track and Field4x400m RelayGold
5 Total Medals, 4 Medalists » Gold (5)

 1924 • Paris, France

Arthur AustinUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Phillip ClarkUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Norman CleavelandUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Robert H. Coleman DevereauxUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Elmer CollettUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Dudley DeGrootUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Pete DesjardinsUSAMen's DivingSpringboardSilver
Dave FallUSAMen's DivingPlatformSilver
Linn FarrishUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Reggie HarrisonUSAMen's Water Polo--Bronze
Glenn HartranftUSAMen's Track and FieldShot PutSilver
Richard HylandUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Wally O'ConnorUSAMen's Swimming800m Freestyle RelayGold
Men's Water Polo--Bronze
John PatrickUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Clarence PinkstonUSAMen's DivingPlatformBronze
William RogersUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Charles Webster Doe, Jr.USAMen's Rugby--Gold
Al WhiteUSAMen's DivingPlatformGold
21 Total Medals, 18 Medalists » Gold (12) •  Silver (3) •  Bronze (6)

 1920 • Antwerp, Belgium

Danny CarrollUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Morris KirkseyUSAMen's Track and Field4x100m RelayGold
100 MetersSilver
Men's Rugby--Gold
Feg MurrayUSAMen's Track and Field110m High HurdlesBronze
John NortonUSAMen's Track and Field400m HurdlesSilver
John PatrickUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Clarence PinkstonUSAMen's DivingPlatformGold
C.E. RighterUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Norman RossUSAMen's Swimming400m FreestyleGold
1500m FreestyleGold
800m Freestyle RelayGold
Dink TempletonUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
Charles Webster Doe, Jr.USAMen's Rugby--Gold
Heaton WrennUSAMen's Rugby--Gold
16 Total Medals, 11 Medalists » Gold (12) •  Silver (3) •  Bronze (1)

1916 • Berlin, Germany (World War I)

 1912 • Stockholm, Sweden

George HorineUSAMen's Track and FieldHigh JumpBronze
1 Total Medal, 1 Medalist » Bronze (1)