Austyn McFadden
Women's Rowing

Saturday Stanford Sweep

BETHEL, Ohio. - No. 2 Stanford continued its outstanding efforts at the 2024 NCAA Championships Saturday on Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park, advancing all three of its boats to their respective Grand Final races on Sunday.

The Cardinal recorded three top efforts in its pursuit of defending its 2023 NCAA team title. 

Stanford's varsity eight set the tone for the day with a strong win to open the morning, clocking in at 6:14.840 in front of Princeton (6:17.191), Brown (6:18.740), California (6:20.264), Syracuse (6:19.385) and Pennsylvania (6:25.255).

The second varsity eight followed with a dominant victory and time of 6:22.455, upsetting No. 1 Texas (6:26.044) and topping Tennessee (6:27.693), Michigan (6:31.644), Ohio State (6:37.541), and Virginia (6:38.400).

The varsity four closed out Saturday's competition with Stanford's third first-place effort of the day, clocking in at 7:08.746. Rounding out the race were Princeton (7:10.962), Tennessee (7:11.841), Michigan (7:16.113), Brown (7:21.875) and Syracuse (7:31.523).

Stanford now turns its focus to Sunday's Grand Final races (5:56 a.m. PT- Varsity Four, 6:12 a.m. PT- Second Varsity Eight, 6:28 a.m. PT- Varsity Eight).

Each race Sunday determines the boat's individual national champion and records points towards the overall team NCAA title. The program with the highest point total at the end of the regatta brings home the national championship title.

Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Carolyn Kennedy
8: Luise Bachmann
7: Belle Battistoni
6: Fiona Mooney 
5: Iris Klok
4: Matilda Drewett
3: Lucy Burrell
2: Annika Jeffery
1: Lettie Cabot 

Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Honor Warburg
8: Nora Goodwillie
7: Heather Schmidt
6: Julietta Camahort
5: Beckie Leigh
4: Regan McDonnell
3: Madeleine Greenstock
2: Katherine Mote
1: Quincy Stone

Varsity Four
Coxswain: Abbey Heinemann
4: Mathilda Kitzmann
3: Elli Rowley
2: Julia Braz
1: Lucy Black