Men's Basketball

All-Conference Honors



2012     Josh Owens (Second Team)
2013     Dwight Powell (First Team)
2014     Dwight Powell (First Team)
             Chasson Randle, G (First Team)
2015     Chasson Randle, G (First Team)
             Anthony Brown, G/F (Honorable Mention)
             Stefan Nastic, C (Honorable Mention)
2016    Rosco Allen, F (First Team)
2017    Reid Travis, F (First Team)
2018    Reid Travis, F (First Team)
            Dorian Pickens, F (Honorable Mention)
2019    KZ Okpala, F (First Team)
            Josh Sharma, C (Honorable Mention)
2020    Oscar da Silva, F (First Team)
            Tyrell Terry, G (Honorable Mention)
2021    Oscar da Silva, F (First Team)
            Jaiden Delaire, F (Honorable Mention)
2022    Spencer Jones, F (Honorable Mention)
            Harrison Ingram, F (Honorable Mention)
2023    Spencer Jones, F (Second Team)
2024    Maxime Raynaud, F (Second Team)

  Pac-12 All-Freshman Team

2012    Chasson Randle
2018    Daejon Davis
2020    Tyrell Terry
2021    Ziaire Williams (Honorable Mention)
2022    Harrison Ingram
2024    Kanaan Carlyle (Honorable Mention)

  Pac-12 All-Defensive Team

2012    Josh Huestis (Honorable Mention)
2013    Josh Huestis
2014    Josh Huestis
2017    Marcus Allen
2020    Bryce Wills
2021    Oscar da Silva
            Bryce Wills (Honorable Mention)
2022    Spencer Jones (Honorable Mention)
2024    Spencer Jones (Honorable Mention)


1978     Kimberly Belton (Second Team)
1979     Kimberly Belton (Second Team)
             Wolfe Perry (Second Team)
1980     Kimberly Belton
1982     John Revelli
1983     Keith Jones
1984     John Revelli
             Keith Jones
1986     Todd Lichti
1987     Todd Lichti
1988     Todd Lichti
             Howard Wright
1989     Todd Lichti
             Howard Wright
1990     Adam Keefe
1991     Adam Keefe
1992     Adam Keefe
1995     Dion Cross
              Brevin Knight
1996     Dion Cross
              Brevin Knight
              Andy Poppink (Honorable Mention)
1997     Brevin Knight
1998     Kris Weems
            Tim Young
            Arthur Lee (Honorable Mention)
1999    Arthur Lee
            Mark Madsen
            Kris Weems (Honorable Mention)
2000    Casey Jacobsen
            Mark Madsen
             Jarron Collins (Honorable Mention)
             David Moseley (Honorable Mention)
2001    Jarron Collins
           Jason Collins
           Casey Jacobsen
           Michael McDonald (Honorable Mention)
2002    Curtis Borchardt
            Casey Jacobsen
2003   Julius Barnes
           Josh Childress (Honorable Mention)
           Justin Davis (Honorable Mention)
2004   Josh Childress
            Chris Hernandez
            Justin Davis (Honorable Mention)
            Matt Lottich (Honorable Mention)
2005    Dan Grunfeld
            Matt Haryasz (Honorable Mention)
            Chris Hernandez
2006     Matt Haryasz
            Chris Hernandez
2007     Lawrence Hill
            Brook Lopez (Honorable Mention)
2008     Brook Lopez (First Team)
            Anthony Goods (Honorable Mention)
            Mitch Johnson (Honorable Mention)
            Robin Lopez (Honorable Mention)
2009     Anthony Goods (Honorable Mention)
            Lawrence Hill (Honorable Mention)
2010     Landry Fields (First Team)
             Jeremy Green (Second Team)
2011     Jeremy Green (First Team)
            Josh Owens (Honorable Mention)

  Pac-10 All-Freshman Team

1986     Todd Lichti
1989     Adam Keefe
1993     Dion Cross
1994     Brevin Knight
1995     Tim Young
1996     Mark Seaton
1998     Jarron Collins
2000     Casey Jacobsen
2001     Justin Davis (Honorable Mention)
             Teyo Johnson (Honorable Mention)
2002     Josh Childress (Honorable Mention)
              Chris Hernandez (Honorable Mention)
2006     Mitch Johnson (Honorable Mention)
2007     Brook Lopez
2009     Jeremy Green
2011     Anthony Brown
              Dwight Powell

  Pac-10 All-Defensive Team

2008     Robin Lopez
             Brook Lopez (Honorable Mention)
             Fred Washington (Honorable Mention)

  Coach of the Year

1975-76   Dick DiBiaso (Pac-8)
1998-99   Mike Montgomery (Pac-10)
1999-00   Mike Montgomery (Pac-10)
2002-03   Mike Montgomery (Pac-10 Co-Coach of the Year)
2003-04   Mike Montgomery (Pac-10)
2007-08   Trent Johnson (Pac-10)

  Player of the Year

2003-04 Josh Childress (Pac-10)

  Freshman of the Year

1980-81  John Revelli (Pac-10)
1981-82  Johnny Rogers (Pac-10)
1993-94  Brevin Knight (Pac-10)
1999-00  Casey Jacobsen (Pac-10)
2021-22  Harrison Ingram (Pac-12)

  Most Improved Player of the Year

2012-13  Dwight Powell (Pac-12)
2013-14  Anthony Brown (Pac-12)
2020-21  Jaiden Delaire (Pac-12)
2023-24  Maxime Raynaud (Pac-12)


1960     John Arrillaga
1962     John Windsor
1963     Tom Dose
             Don Clemetson
1964     Tom Dose
1965     Bob Bedell
1966     Art Harris
             Bob Bedell
1972     Claude Terry
1973     Rich Kelley
1974     Rich Kelley
1975     Rich Kelley
1976     Ed Schweitzer
1977     Mike Bratz

  Pacific Coast (Southern Division, 1943-55)

1943     Howie Dallmar
              Ed Voss
1947     John Higgins
1948     John Higgins
1949     Dave Davidson
1950     George Yardley
1951     Jim Ramstead
1952     Ron Tomsic
             Jim Walsh
1953     Ron Tomsic
1954     Russ Lawler
1955     Ron Tomsic

  Pacific Coast

1920     C.E. Righter
1921     C.E. Righter
             Fred Adams
1929     Harlow Rothert
1935     Dinty Moore
1936     Hank Luisetti
1937     Hank Luisetti
             Dinty Moore
1938     Hank Luisetti
             Art Stoefen
             Jack Calderwood
1941     Don Burness
             Jen Davidson
1942     Jim Pollard
             Bill Cowden
1956     George Selleck
1959     Paul Neumann

  Scholar-Athlete of the Year

2010    Landry Fields (Pac-10)
2014    Dwight Powell (Pac-12)
2015    Chasson Randle (Pac-12)
2018    Dorian Pickens (Pac-12)
2021    Oscar da Silva (Pac-12)
2022    Sam Beskind (Pac-12)
2023    James Keefe (Pac-12)
2024    Brandon Angel (Pac-12)

  Pac-12 All-Academic Team

2012    John Gage (First Team)
            Jack Trotter (First Team)
           Josh Owens (Second Team)
            Andrew Zimmermann (Second Team)
           Anthony Brown (Honorable Mention)
           Josh Huestis (Honorable Mention)
           Stefan Nastic (Honorable Mention)
           Dwight Powell (Honorable Mention)
2013    John Gage (First Team)
           Robbie Lemons (First Team)
           Andy Brown (Second Team)
           Stefan Nastic (Second Team)
           Dwight Powell (Second Team)
           Chasson Randle (Second Team)     
           Anthony Brown (Honorable Mention)
2014   Anthony Brown (First Team)
           John Gage (First Team)
           Robbie Lemons (First Team)
           Stefan Nastic (Second Team)
           Chasson Randle (Second Team)
           Dwight Powell (Honorable Mention)
2015   Chasson Randle (First Team)
           Anthony Brown (Second Team)
           Stefan Nastic (Second Team)
2016   Dorian Pickens (First Team)
           Marcus Allen (Honorable Mention)
2017   Dorian Pickens (First Team)
           Cameron Walker (Honorable Mention)
2018   Dorian Pickens (First Team)
           Robert Cartwright (Honorable Mention)
           Kodye Pugh (Honorable Mention)
2019   Isaac White (First Team)
           Kodye Pugh (Second Team)
           Trevor Stanback (Second Team)
           Oscar da Silva (Honorable Mention)
2020    Daniel Begovich
            Sam Beskind
            Oscar da Silva
            Keenan Fitzmorris
            Lukas Kisunas
            Kodye Pugh
            Isaac White
            Bryce Wills
2021    Daniel Begovich
            Neal Begovich
            Sam Beskind
            Oscar da Silva
            Keenan Fitzmorris
            James Keefe
            Bryce Wills
2022    Brandon Angel
            Daniel Begovich
            Neal Begovich
            Sam Beskind
            Keenan Firtzmorris
            James Keefe
            Lukas Kisunas
            Max Murrell
            Michael O'Connell
            Noah Taitz
2023    Brandon Angel
            Neal Begovich
            Josue Gil-Silva
            Michael Jones
            James Keefe
            Max Murrell
            Michael O'Connell
            Isa Silva
            Roy Yuan

  Pac-10 All-Academic Team

1986     Novian Whitsitt
1987     Novian Whitsitt
1988     Todd Lichti
             Terry Taylor
1989     Eric Reveno
             Terry Taylor
             Andrew Vlahov
1990     Kenny Ammann
             John Patrick
1991     Kenny Ammann
             John Patrick
1992     Peter Dukes
             Paul Garrett
             Jason Weaver
1993     Peter Dukes
1995     David Harbour
1996     David Harbour
             Rich Jackson
1997     Rich Jackson
1998     Mark Madsen
             Kamba Tshionyi
1999     Mark Madsen
             Tim Young
2000     Mark Madsen
           Jarron Collins
           Alex Gelbard
2002    Curtis Borchardt
2003    Joe Kirchofer
             Nick Robinson
             Rob Little (Honorable Mention)
2004     Dan Grunfeld
             Nick Robinson
             Chris Hernandez (Second Team)
            Jason Haas (Honorable Mention)
           Rob Little (Honorable Mention)
2005    Dan Grunfeld
           Jason Haas (Honorable Mention)
           Chris Hernandez
           Rob Little
           Nick Robinson
2006    Dan Grunfeld
           Chris Hernandez
           Taj Finger (Second Team)
            Peter Prowitt (Second Team)
2007    Peter Prowitt
            Taj Finger (Second Team)
            Carlton Weatherby (Second Team)
2008     Taj Finger
            Drew Shiller (Honorable Mention)
2009     Drew Shiller
2010     Landry Fields
             Drew Shiller
             Jack Trotter
2011     Jack Trotter
             Josh Owens
             Andrew Zimmermann (Honorable Mention)