Women's Rowing


GOLD RIVER, Calif. – No. 2 Stanford captured its third consecutive conference title Sunday, sweeping the 2024 Pac-12 Women's Rowing Championships held on Lake Natoma.

Stanford's three-peat was led by wins in all scoring races by at least five seconds over its conference foes, finishing the day with the regatta's maximum 45.5 points.  The Cardinal's dominance led to a nine-and-a-half-point victory over second-place California, who finished with 36 points. Washington finished third and ended the day with 35.5 points. 

Senior Belle Battistoni was named Pac-12 Women's Rowing Scholar-Athlete of the Year at the conclusion of the regatta, Stanford's fourth consecutive winner of the conference's highest academic honor. 

In the lone exhibition race of the day, Stanford's fourth varsity eight took its lead at the first 500m and did not let up, winning the first race of the day by a boat's length. 

The third varsity eight set the tone for the scoring races of the day with a decisive victory over California, earning the team's first 3.5 points of the day and a conference title in open water.

The Cardinal's varsity four owned the race from the first stroke, taking the team's second title of the day in dominant open-water fashion over the Huskies and Golden Bears. With the win, Stanford took a two-point lead in the team standings.

Stanford's second varsity eight broke its four-year streak of runner-up finishes in the second-varsity eight race, bringing home the conference championship with a seven-second victory over Washington. The Cardinal went into its final race of the day with a four-point lead over the Huskies. 

The Cardinal sealed its third straight conference championship with a six-second victory in the varsity eight race. Stanford took control of the race early on and took the final conference title of the day in open water. 

With the conference title win, Stanford is the Pac-12's automatic qualifier for the national championship regatta. The Cardinal now takes two weeks to prep for the 2024 NCAA Championships, held on Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park in Bethel, Ohio May 31-June 2. 

Varsity Eight

Coxswain: Carolyn Kennedy
8: Luise Bachmann
7: Matilda Drewett
6: Iris Klok
5: Fiona Mooney
4: Lucy Burrell
3: Annika Jeffery
2: Lettie Cabot
1: Belle Battistoni

Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Honor Warburg
8: Nora Goodwillie
7: Heather Schmidt
6: Julietta Camahort
5: Regan McDonnell
4: Madeleine Greenstock
3: Katherine Mote
2: Quincy Stone
1: Julia Braz

Varsity Four
Coxswain: Abbey Heinemann
4: Mathilda Kitzmann
3: Alice Baker
2: Beckie Leigh
1: Lucy Black

Third Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Reese Dibiase
8: Julia Veith
7: Sofia Simone
6: Kieran Wallace
5: Ellie Sutro
4: Elli Rowley
3: Paloma Sequeira
2: Caia Costello
1: Taylor English

Novice Eight/Fourth Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Analiese Bancroft
8: Sonia Gnatowska
7: Charlotte Botha
6: Susie Mallen
5: Natalie Clemans
4: Lily Moore
3: Kylie Oakes
2: Mia Thompson
1: Schuyler Hyde

Fourth Varsity Eight
1. Stanford- 06:43.020
2. California- 6:46.750
3. Washington B (Exh.)- 6:47.370
4. Washington A- 6:55.240
5. UCLA- 7:05.940

Third Varsity Eight
1. Stanford- 06:37.540
2. California- 6:43.350
3. Washington- 6:45.110
4. UCLA- 6:58.660
5. USC- 7:04.530
6. Oregon State- 7:09.770
7. Washington State- 7:15.460

Varsity Four
1. Stanford- 7:11.830
2. Washington- 7:24.160
3. California- 7:28.760
4. USC- 7:38.760
5. Oregon State- 7:41.910
6. UCLA- 7:43.320
7. Washington State- 7:57.750

Second Varsity Eight
1. Stanford- 6:28.340
2. Washington- 6:35.720
3. California- 6:41.110
4. Oregon State- 6:49.360
5. UCLA- 6:53.460
6. USC- 6:54.620
7. Washington State- 7:03.710

Varsity Eight
1. Stanford- 6:26.550
2. California- 6:32.020
3. Washington- 6:36.090
4. Oregon St.- 6.43.880
5. Washington St.- 6:46.360
6. USC- 6:48.210
7. UCLA- 6:52.080